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Discover Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals manage intense emotions, develop healthy coping strategies, and build better relationships.

If you’re looking for support for your mental health, you may have heard about Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). DBT is a therapeutic approach that can be helpful for individuals who experience intense emotions and struggle with self-destructive behaviours.

DBT is built on the understanding that emotions are a normal part of life, but sometimes they can become overwhelming and challenging to manage. The goal of DBT is to help individuals develop skills to regulate their emotions, improve their relationships, and enhance their overall well-being.

Free DBT resources

Already familiar with DBT but need worksheets? Grab a copy of DBT Chain analysis to understand what happened and why it happened; or DBT TIPP skill-sheet to help you manage your emotions when things get heated.

You can also use the DBT DEAR MAN worksheet to express effectively what you want from others.

Emphasis on Acceptance and Change

DBT recognizes the importance of accepting ourselves and our experiences while also working towards positive change. It encourages self-compassion and understanding, fostering a balance between acceptance and the motivation to grow.

Emotional Regulation

DBT focuses on equipping individuals with practical skills to manage and regulate their emotions effectively. These skills include mindfulness techniques, grounding exercises, and strategies to tolerate distress.

Coping with Crises

DBT provides tools to navigate crises and avoid impulsive behaviours. Individuals learn strategies to manage intense emotions, reduce self-destructive impulses, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Building Interpersonal Skills

DBT emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships. It offers guidance on effective communication, setting boundaries, and resolving conflicts, enabling individuals to foster and maintain supportive connections.

Individual and Group Sessions

DBT can be delivered through both individual therapy sessions and group therapy. Group therapy provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to learn from others, practice their skills, and receive support in a safe and understanding environment.

Remember, seeking professional help is crucial when considering DBT or any other therapy. At Personal Psychology we are here to help you on your own personal journey.